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Company Secretarial Services


According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) s.474, all limited company must: 


- Have a Company Secretary

- The Company Secretary must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong qualified accounting professional or a Hong Kong qualified legal professional or Hong Kong Trust or Company Services Providers Licensee. 

- If the shareholder and the Director are two separate, then either one of them can be appointed as Company Secretary. 

- If the Shareholder and the Director are the same or the same company, then a third party (individual or company) should be appointed as company secretary. 

- The sole director of a company shall not also be the company secretary. 

- The company secretary is a statutory role, which is not the personal assistant for the Directors or Executives. 


The Main Duty and Responsibilities of Company Secretary are:

- Manage and keep the company's statutory book (Register of Members and Register of Directors)

- Organizing and witnessing the required meeting of Directors and Shareholders alongside the preparation of minutes. 

- Preparing and filing an annual return (NAR1) to the Hong Kong Companies Registry. 

- Alternation of Director or Company Secretary.

- Transfer of share and share allotment. 

- Change the name of the Company. 

- Change the Company registered address. 

- Ensure that the Company complies with relevant laws and regulations. 



(Original HK$1,750 and 20% OFF)


The Services are including: 

- Hong Kong Accounting acting as Company Secretary for your company

- Prepared and filing of Annual Return to the Hong Kong Companies Registry

- Provide advisory services to your company's secretarial matters. 

- Provide AMG minutes

- Complete Quarterly Survey of Employment and Vacancies

- We charge separately on all other works that we have to do in the capacity of Company Secretary. 


Please contact our accountants for free initial consultation & quotation. 

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