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Trademark Registration Services

What is a Trademark?

- A unique identifier 

- Used to distinguish a company's goods or services

- Protects the brand identity

- Legally registered and enforceable

Our Services

Trademark Registration

Get exclusive rights to a name, symbol, or slogan that distinguishes your business.

Trademark Search

See if the name, symbol, or slogan you want to register is available.

Trademark Monitoring

Protect your brand by being alerted of potential infringements.

Copyright Registration

Keep others from using and profiting from your book, article, song, photo, art, etc.

Provisional patent application

If you're not ready to file for a utility patent, buy time and get "patent pending" status.

Utility patent

Prevent others from making, using, or selling your invention without your permission.

Please Contact Us for full quotation. 

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